Malta holds a special place in my heart. It’s where my husband and I spent Christmas two years ago and is actually the location where we got engaged. A magical island with everything you could ask for in one trip; rich culture, relaxing beaches, alluring streets, inviting restaurants. Here is your three-day itinerary to the beautiful island of Malta!


Tofino is a little piece of heaven. It’s a small community on the west coast of Vancouver Island featuring lush rainforests, rocky coastlines, and endless stretches of beaches; an amazing escape if you’re looking to be rejuvenated in mind, body, and soul. Stunning natural beauty paired with a laid-back, authentic surf culture, it’s hard not to fall head over heels with this place.

Budapest Eats

One of the most magical and alluring cities I’ve been to recently also has an unbelievable food scene. Nestled into the crooks and crannies around every turn are delicious bakeries, cafes, and restaurants that not to be missed. However, when wandering make sure to not judge by the outside; often the best restaurants I’ve come across are the one’s where the magic is solely happening on the inside.

Euro Tour

Team Canada jetted off on our first European tour this past August to play in some exhibition matches against the Turkish, Bulgarian, and German National Teams. We were gone for a total of three weeks; one week in Istanbul, Turkey and two weeks in Rimini, Italy. A tough trip overall with a heavy training and match schedule, but we took major steps forward as a team and now have total confidence heading into World Championships in Japan.

Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece

I have been in Athens, Greece for over three months now and wow - time flies (…most days!). I settled in pretty quickly, enjoying everything that Athens has to offer. My housing and club situation is great and my surroundings have vastly improved from last year. I am living across the hall from Canadian National teammate, Marisa Field, our neighbourhood is bustling with cute cafes and bars, and the city center is only fifteen minutes away.