Hola from Lima!

So far so good! I have lots to update on my time here in Lima, Peru thus far but for now, I will leave you with this very quick volleyball update and my video!

We are currently sitting 5 - 0 at the start of our season. It was a little wild to be honest, as we started things off with those five games in ten days. Now we don’t have any games until the start of January. Not too sure what happened there as teams are still playing. We just happened to be the ones that drew the short end of the stick.

It’s pretty miraculous actually. That we started so well. We have an amazing head coach and support staff and despite having six major injuries on our team we somehow fought really hard and pulled out the wins.

Rudy and Derek and about six other different men’s players are on rotation coming to practice. They’re doing a great job at filling some spots. And currently nobody is suffering from a concussion so that’s good news all around.

Just before I arrived the other left side on our team hit a ball and tore some things in her shoulder. Our opposite got moved to left side and our third middle blocker was moved to the right. After the first two games however, she went down with a sprained elbow.

What about your bench you ask? We have a setter and two liberos. Everyone else is injured and not dressed. Good.

We had a couple team meetings and chats with the coaches to try and figure out what we should do for the time being. For our last two games we played a 6 - 2 system. More or less. We’re bringin’ it back, baby! We had both of our setters on the floor which caused a little bit of confusion at times, but it was also really awesome (hello perfect out-of-system sets!).

Looking to come back after Christmas with a few more healthy bodies. Meanwhile I will try and keep my grandma-knees in check so I can keep jumping.

BIG thanks to the husband for making this highlight video while I was away at practice one evening. It highlights the best of two games out of the five we have already played. The announcer really makes me happy and reminds me of the hype-announcers we had in the SuperLiga Indonesian League last year. SO fun.

Hope everyone is having an awesome month and gearing up for the holidays.

If you know of anyone interested in having a highlight film created, drop Rudy or me a line - he’s pretty good at it!

Cheers! x


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