Paradise in Mancora


Picture this.

You’re staying in an oversized treehouse. The wifi isn’t strong so you’re embracing time with yourself, your book, and your journal. There is a cook downstairs who you can ask to make you a drink, a snack, or a full blown meal. There are only three other rooms in the guesthouse beside yours so the pool always has space. At all times of the day you can hear the waves crashing on the shore because the ocean is just across the little dirt road at the front of the entrance. There are no cars driving by because there are no paved roads for miles. There is an opportunity for more delicious food and drinks at the larger resort a few houses down that also offers morning flow yoga.

It’s the vacation that we all dream up in our minds when we need a little escape.

But the best part is, is that it really exists.

Amai Luna

Balneario Las Pocitas, Mancora, Peru

  • Breakfast included; can be enjoyed on the terrace or in your room. Eggs are from the chickens that they have on site!

  • Exceptionally nice humans who run the guesthouse (who speak English!)

  • Wifi

  • Garden, bar, and terrace access

  • There is a lookout at the back of the guesthouse which boasts the best sunset views

  • Two deck spaces with chairs and couches

  • Outdoor pool

  • Personal outdoor shower

  • Beach access across the street

  • Rated the best value in Mancora

  • About 45-60 minutes from the airport

DSC00130 2.jpg

So the interior AND exterior is stunning, the rooms are boho chic, and the entire premise of being in a large wooden treehouse listening to the waves as your fall asleep, with not the best wifi is and was the perfect solo vacation that I was really needing.

Located 45 minutes from the airport, off the main highway down a smaller path, you are in the middle of your own paradise.

If you can imagine, it gets better. You are only a stone throw away from one of the most beautiful beaches. For the three days I was there, I only saw a handful of people (and guests from Amai Luna were able to use the bean bags and chairs at the resort on the beach. Score!)

If you are looking for the perfect getaway, honeymoon, girls weekend, or solo rest and recharge, this spot is going to do wonders. I recommend anyone who is headed down to Peru to make sure you stop over at this little hidden gem just outside of Mancora. I never even made it in to the town I was so content in this little bubble. I suggest you try it out for yourself!