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For a couple of years I’ve been wanting to do some Holiday Gift Guides to send a surge of last-minute inspiration. First of all, it’s a wonderful way of showcasing my favourite products and brands to others. There are so many amazing smaller and local companies I want to be able to tell you about them! Second, it’s also a great opportunity for those who are last minute shoppers to get a few thoughtful-gift ideas. I understand the feeling of exhausting all your good ideas! Whether or not you’re buying for a special “Her” in your life or a special “Him” (and I think we all need the extra help we can get when it comes to buying for the special men in our life), or that fitness-crazed friend, I hope you can be inspired by these gifts! I love shopping local and purchasing from entrepreneurs who works I love. The full Gift Guide visual is at the bottom of this post - just remember to share it or pin it (you can pin any and all of the photos here) for later! Just click on the highlighted word in each description and it will take you right to the companies’ website or featured product! Enjoy friends.

People used to tie string around their fingers in the shape of a bow to remember something important. I think it’s pretty important that women remind each other that they are worthy of love.
That’s why I made Forget Me Knots—to give people like you physical reminders of truth, and equip you to empower the women around you. Because when you know the truth of who you are, it can’t stop with you.
— Tayllor, FMK Founder

For Her

a. I Get To Legacy Chains: hand stamped with love by the Veterans at the Downtown Vancouver WholeWay House, these beautifully crafted necklaces will be on every woman’s wish list. The I AM Legacy Chain is a daily reminder to choose to believe the truth and live it out each day so that you are able to live with purpose and leave a legacy. I would say that’s a pretty perfect gift for your perfect lady.

b. Nettlestale Swimwear: perhaps you haven’t booked a Christmas-vacation down South but believe me, any girl would die for one of these suits. Amazing versatility (for real women, yay!) in a lot of different prints and designs! The biggest bonus besides the coverage? 10% of each swimsuit profit is donated to the charity corresponding with the swimsuit you just bought. So buy a few, it’s for a good cause!

c. Canvas Candles: candles and the holidays just go hand in hand. 100% soy wax and hand-poured in Port Moody. I recommend their Best Coast candle which basically smells like you’re standing in the middle of a pine tree forest. Hello Christmas.

d. Forget Me Knot Rings: friendship jewelry is NOT out of style, folks. You heard it here first. Tayllor has made beautifully handcrafted sterling silver and 14K rose gold and yellow gold friendship rings. They come with two in each order so you can gift you bestie one of these adorable rings as a reminder that they are worthy of love. #ForgetMeKnotsFamily

e. Saje Wellness: a wonderful way to spread health, cheer, really really good vibes. There are so many fun kits you could pick up for a specific occasion (travel, relaxation, flu-fighters, etc.) or opt to get a few of her favourite scents and a beautiful gold diffuser (does anyone else think this is what a Harry Potter - dragon egg would look like?).

f. Chris and Man print: you might recognize her work as seen in many a-bridal-magazines or as a photographer for The Perfect Hideaway. As a very successful wedding photographer, Chris can now be found surfing the waves of Sayulita, Mexico (yes, we’re all extremely jealous) and shooting bomb content for a variety of brands. Get anyone on your Christmas list a print from Chris’ shop and they’ll be thanking you for years to come.

g. Grit & Virtue Journal: I think every woman needs a deserves a beautiful journal; a place where she can write, scribble or draw all of her thoughts in a space that is perfectly curated for what she needs in that moment. Grit & Virtue is another favourite company of mine, full of daily truth and inspiration. Be sure to shop the journal collection: where inspiration and intention meet beautiful design.

h. Local Laundry: one of my newest most favourite local Canadian brands founded in YYC. The company is so inspiring, and really fosters a true sense of community in whatever they may be doing. Featured here are the cozy socks (buy one and they ship a pair out to a homeless organization!!) and a CAN sweatshirt because well, Canada is home and we’re proud of that. Each month this company also gives 10% of their profits back to the community to support and help those in need.

For every pair of socks we sell, we will donate one to a homeless organization across Canada. Socks are one of the most important things that homeless organizations need for their clients.

Keep you and someone in need warm this winter.
— Local Laundry

For the fitness lover

a. Lululemon Gym Bag: I predict that mostly every human will be writing down something related to fitness, health, and wellness for their 2019 resolutions. Regardless if this will end up as a gym bag or an overnight travel bag, help your friend or family member kickstart their goals, whatever they may be.

b. Beats: not only are these headphones beautiful, the product is simply awesome. Nobody wants to be distracted during a workout or on a plane ride so give the gift of isolation and swag! I’ll be putting this pair of headphones on my Christmas list..

c. The Daily Athlete: if someone is wanting to step up their fitness and performance standards this journal is for them. Daily prompts and goal setting, this refined athlete’s journal helps you achieve your goals and make new healthy habits day by day. News Years Resolutions made easy.

d. Habit Project Juice: made by two beautiful, strong, and inspirational women Mariah and Danielle, these two sisters and mama’s wanted to bring an opportunity to further inspire health and wellness in their community. Bringing honest conversation to their beautiful hand-crafted tables, Habit Juice Company is an amazing location in downtown Abbotsford. Grab some smoothie bowls for holiday breakfasts, take some amazing juices back home to mix in with some cocktails, or gift a wellness cleanse for after the holidays. Everything these two put in their shop is handcrafted and chosen with the most love.

e. I Get To Necklace: as mentioned above, these necklaces are hand stamped by Veterans at the WholeWayHouse. This special necklace is a daily reminder that we Get To be here, and we get to do the things that are sometimes hard for us to get excited about after a while (like practice or training). We must always have gratitude in this life and this is a simple reminder to hold that idea close.

f. Hydroflask: it’s actually wild how cold or hot the Hydroflask keeps my beverages. I thought I lost it here in Peru and I was devastated even thought my teammates think it’s actually a small weapon. Be sure to check out the amazingly bright colours that they have recently released.

g. Volleyball Canada Sweatpants: thank you to VolleyballStuff for bringing the most comfortable Mizuno item there ever was to Canada. Added swag level with the Team Canada logo. Sweatpants, sweatshirts, touques, oh my! Because we all play for Canada, ammiiright?

h. Mizuno Momentums: these beauties were just released a week ago world-wide and lucky for you, Canadian stores are fully stocked ready for the Christmas surge! More a hybrid-basketball shoe, these are (in my opinion) the best Mizuno court shoes on the market. Two colour-ways available, be sure to grab them soon!

i. Garden of Life protein: anything from this amazing company will be sure to leave a smile on their face. GofL has amazing products such as protein, digestive enzymes, liquid vitamins, and so much more. Gift anyone on your list the gift of health!

j. The Gut Lab: this sister duo (Danica and Lexi) are bringing superfoods right to your kitchen, in a cute little jar. Superfoods, mushroom mixes, elixirs, and other amazing potions depending on what health benefits you are wanting to see. Definitely check out all they have to offer here. Stocking stuffer perfection!

k. Stance Socks: my favourite brand of socks to date and also my most fun. I’ve hiked mountains, played volleyball, and walked through the city in these socks. An awesome gift for just about anyone on your list!

l. Holy Crap Cereal: literally the best cereal and superfood mix of life. Made locally on the Sunshine Coast, these goodies are a perfect blend of chia, hemp hearts, and all the fun stuff. Cinnamon oatmeal packages, strictly chia, or healthy chocolate bars (hiiiii) you can’t really go wrong. Throw it on top of a salad or in a smoothie to give you an extra daily boost. And yes this has been a personal go-to product of mine for years!

m. Fre Skin Care: FINALLY. A skin-care line for women who work out; products that will take sweat and exercise-induced damages into account. Hallelujah! There’s also a current holiday offer if you buy any set (which are smaller so it’s perfect to test out all the products) you get a free Argan Oil. Shop this company for beautiful skin, free products, and the chance to empower women on the other side of the world.

With every skincare set you will buy, FRÉ will plant an Argan tree, also known as the “Tree of Life”, to help replenish the endangered Argan forest and support women who harvest Argan oil in Morocco. Planting Argan trees has a multi-layered impact by creating sustainable development, protecting the planet and empowering women.
— FRÉ skincare

For Him

a. Trading Post: anything from this amazing brewery is bound to make any man, and any one on your list a very very happy camper. Lots of products and lots of beer to choose from. Great as stocking stuffers, full gift packages, and thoughtful hostess or party-gifts. If they’re actually not into beer? Jump on the bandwagon and grab any kind of shwag for your man of choice: sweaters, touques, growlers (or water bottles), camping mugs and more! The opportunities and ideas are endless!

b. Local Laundry: featured on my guide is their own Local Laundry crew neck sweater and a touque. All men are impossible to buy for but thankfully this awesome company makes it a one-stop-shop. Because it’s a great way to get your man into something aesthetically pleasing and fashionably appropriate but not pushing the boundaries too much. Muchos gracias.

c. Man’s Search for Meaning: one of the greatest (and most necessary) book any man or human will ever read. A 1946 book by Viktor Frankl who accounts his experiences as a prisoner in Nazi concentration camps during World War II. It challenges you to think what life is really about and that it’s not just your circumstances that determine life’s happiness, purpose, and meaning but what you make of it.

d. Saje products: just when you were about to argue with me and say that diffusers are too girly, think again. This beautiful, erm — manly matte black diffuser (still a Harry Potter dragon’s egg to me!!) is the perfect step to nudge your man in the right direction. And the right direction is loving all Saje products (such as and also featured: apres sport body oil) and nice smelling things in general. Opt to try some awesome outdoor scents to bring the mountains into your living room! He’ll be wondering why he hasn’t been diffusing earlier!

e. Sunshine Coast Calendar: if you want to be inspired by the beautiful Sunshine Coast in British Colombia, make sure you order one of these calendars. Dolf Vermeulen is a ridiculously talented self-taught photographer who effortlessly highlights the beauty of the West Coast and everything it has to offer. From snowy mountain ranges, to incredible forest birds-eye-views, to the Northern lights, to Humpback whales in our local waters. For those of you who are not living in BC, I expect you’ll be putting your house up on the market soon enough.

f. Olympic Red Mittens: gifting your man a hand-hug is always appreciated. Times two. These mittens are not just beautiful but they are also functional. And they are functioning as the coziest mittens you will ever put your mits in to. Mits for your mits! Check out the entire Canadian Olympic Team collection and make sure you grab a pair for yourself. Why not start a tradition and just continually buy him a new pair each year? You’re gifting the only mittens he’ll ever need (and love) and supporting Team Canada athletes in the process.

g. Farm Fresh watch: this is my favourite watch company hands down. Sold exclusively at Spareparts, you might have to work a little harder to get one of these bad boys in your possession. But it’s worth the time and the wait. See what I did there?

h. I Get To Africa Collection: these limited edition, I GET TO Legacy Keychains are hand-carved in Ebony wood by Kajole and Shadrack, two local business men in Tanzania. Kajole runs a small shop selling merchandise to tourists and partners with Shadrack to carve items like figurines, bowls, placards and more. Your donations will go directly back to Africa to provide opportunities to kids who may not have received them otherwise. What are you waiting for?

The I Get To Legacy Project is inspired by Ron Konkin, who, in 2009 was diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma at the age of 48 and was only given 4-12 months to live. From then on, his perspective changed. Every day after those first four months, he said “I don’t have to, I get to, because I’m still alive!” No matter what the circumstance, sitting in traffic, cleaning the garage, waiting in line, even in cancer treatment, he saw each day as a good day! He carried on teaching and speaking to thousands for the next four years, and when he passed away on December 25, 2013, he had built an incredible legacy of changed lives.
Shot for the incredible IGetTo Project company by me.
Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 10.42.07 PM.png

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