Life unexpected

If you’ve been following along, you know that Tj (Team Canada Olympic setter) was not able to participate in this past World Championships due to an injury. In this article he dives further in to what that really looked like and the shock and disappointment that he would have no choice but to deal with head on. However, his story does not stop there.

Time and the New Year

So many of us want a new year, a fresh slate, so we can change something we’re not happy about. We want to start all over again and become someone new. Or at least, our perception of a better version of ourselves. When time is in front of us, the world seems possible. When we feel we are given the ability and the chance to reset, hope is in the planning and the dreaming. That’s when time becomes a gift. But when is it also a burden?


Often the preceding seasons are preparing us for what is to become of the future. They can be hard, joyful, challenging, or a little bit boring. We are going through this season so we are perfectly prepared for what’s to come. Holding on to our past not too tightly makes room for our future. But to get there we don’t need to force any feelings. We don’t need to force anything at all.

Self love: a dying reality

Why is self love so hard for us to encompass? I think we’ve started seeing and reading the terms “self love” and “self care” in our society these words have become normalized. But we aren’t truly experiencing them. We need to redefine self love and find ways that we can bring authenticity and honesty into our daily lives.

Daily-Dose Of Inspiration

This 2018 summer with the National Team was a tough one for me personally; a lot of injuries and a lot of daily battles. Before traveling to Japan for World Championships I came back to the Sunshine Coast during our one day off to attend a “GRL POWER” event focusing on inspiring young females from all the elementary schools to be positive ambassadors in sport. My goal was to inspire them but it turns out they inspired me just the same.

Mind, Body and Soul.

After so many summers and years spent with the Canadian Senior National team, it was hard for me to even imagine taking the summer off; team comes first! That has been engrained in my head ever since I was a child and during the many competitive teams I have been a part of. Year after year I’ve packed my bags to head out and join the National team.