Abu Dhabi


I honestly had no idea what extravagant beauty Abu Dhabi had to offer. I had been to Dubai a few years before with a couple of teammates while we were playing in Azerbaijan. Although the trip was lovely, Dubai just didn’t pull my heart strings like so many other places in the world have before.

My trip to Abu Dhabi, however caught me completely by surprise, as my husband and I didn’t book it for the destination, but to meet halfway and spend a few days together, including New Years Eve. I was playing in Indonesia and he was playing in Austria and with a few days free at roughly the same time, we took out our maps and decided on the halfway point. Abu Dhabi was warm, the flights were more affordable than other places, so we booked without really seeing what this destination had to offer.

Below is my photography journal from Abu Dhabi. I will be making a more extensive travel guide in the near future but for now I will leave with some of the most pristine and beautiful scenes I have ever experienced. With what started as a vacation whim, ended as a very inspirational and surprisingly uplifting holiday. Enjoy the stunning architecture of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, pristine beaches, and plush and extravagant beauty of none other than the Emirates Palace. If you aren’t adding Abu Dhabi to your bucket list after these photos, I will be very surprised!

1.Desert Safari

DSC03905 2.jpg
Camel rides in Abu Dhabi / #camelrides #abudhabi #UAE
Camel rides in Abu Dhabi / #camelrides #abudhabi #UAE
Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi / #camelrides #abudhabi #UAE

2.Sheikh Zayed Mosque


3.Beach Clubs


4.Emirates Palace


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