Mountain-top Anniversary

For our one year anniversary we decided to do something cool. Actually, that wasn't really our plan but it all ended up working out quite well indeed. We didn't get to have engagement photos done with our wedding photographer (we simply had no time for that last year!) but we ended up still paying for that in our package and we figured we would do something in the future although I think Andrea was hoping for a newborn shoot! Sorry to disappoint! That plus a gift card we received a few years earlier for SkyHelicopters and a good excuse to wear my post-wedding-dress party skirt again, we came back from our RV trip down to Sandpoint, Idaho and took off - literally - the next afternoon. It kind of felt like we were eloping which was exciting for me because I secretly wanted to do that for our actual wedding... I just knew we couldn't because our family would kill us. 

Let me just say that going up in this dinky little helicopter was one of the coolest experiences ever ever ever. We landed on the top of this mountain peak where it felt like we were on the top of the world. Immediately I was already planning to somehow make it back up here because it was just so incredibly gorgeous but our driver informed us that you could only get up here by helicopter. 

As usual Andrea did an amazing job capturing our goofy, head-over-heels love. I am honestly surprised that we have any normal photos together because we were so distracted by our beautiful surroundings all the while joking around the entire time and killing ourselves laughing. All the while being completely smitten.  

SUCH an incredible experience and a fairly decent early-one-year anniversary adventure. I always find us doing some wild, crazy things and if this year is any indication on how our entire marriage is going to be I would say it's going to be pretty fricken awesome. I foresee a lot of passport stamps and a lot of things checked off the life's bucket list. 

I have a learned a whole lot this past year being married, from going through five months of long distance and then having to reconnect once we were back together, to Rudy selflessly supporting me in my dreams this summer and the near future, to now spending most of our time attached at the hip. I think I'd like to have last year as our final long-distance stint but I'll keep my fingers crossed for that one. For now, scroll down and check out some of the beautiful images Andrea captured after our (almost) 365 days of marriage!