Becky Pavan


Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve.
— JK Rowling

I really got to know Beeks in my 2012-2013 season in Potsdam, Germany. Luckily, her and Janie were playing on Kopenick SC, which was just on the other side of Berlin (Berlin was about a 40 minute train ride from Potsdam). I met them in Berlin very often on our days off to grab coffee (and a treat) and explore some major parts of the city. She’s definitely my Starbucks buddy and our obsession grew a bit more after spending so much time in the city; chilly Berlin days made us (me) take the leap from Grande’s to Venti’s…. Without judgment on her end. Going out on the town with her was always outrageously fun. She’s always up for exploring different areas of town and meeting new people. Her and Janie also made the trek in to Potsdam to visit, where we explored the whole town and Sanssouci castle for the day. She is a pleasure to be around. Her and I connect on a wonderful level of weirdness and I've loved getting to know her better over the last couple of years. I also personally love to nerd-out to National Geographic and it’s nice having her by my side. As many of you know or may have guessed, she is Sarah Pavan’s younger sister and I can only imagine how tough that might have been at times. Growing up with a superstar sister could be a bit of an adventure! However, knowing both of them well, I can say Beeks has made her own name for herself in the volleyball world and that makes me very proud of her. Although they have many similar character traits I can’t associate them together - I love both of them separately and distinctively. Her love and respect for her sister Sarah is so great and she truly looks up to her in so many ways. However, she's definitely her own person. Beeks started off her amazing career going down to Kentucky to play out her 4 years of university. The level of NCAA is very, very high amongst the top schools and the level of support and straight up school love coming from SUPER fans is so unbelievable - something that is still a bit lacking in Canada. She did so well down in NCAA and was such a powerhouse player for her UK. Becky still “Bleeds Blue” and I think she’s going to be a WildCat for the rest of her life, regardless of what continent she’s living on.

Team History 

  • 2012 - 2014: Team Canada 
  • 2014 Beziers Angels, France 
  • 2013 - 2014: Stuttgart Allianz, Germany
  • 2012 - 2013: Köpenick SC, Germany
  • 2008 - 2012: University of Kentucky 
  • 2006 & 2008: Youth & Junior National Team 

Beeks is a wonderful teammate who is constantly pushing and challenging everyone to get better during practices, which is exactly what our team needs in order to take the next step. If she's struggling in a particular skill or during a practice, she's going to find a way to make it better - something that not all professional athletes will take upon themselves. Accountability isn't the easiest trait to come by but Becky has it. She pushes herself to get better every single day and it doesn't go unnoticed. She's such a passionate player (you can tell by looking at any of her game photos) and I love being beside her on the court. This past weekend in Leuven, Belgium, she had 2 back-to-back STELLAR games. On Saturday night when we took down Argentina in 5 sets she had 2 big blocks to finish the game, and 21 points overall. The next day we played the Netherlands and took them to 5 again with Becky being a very large part of that success. She was pushing me all game it's just so much fun to play and celebrate with her. She also knows everything about anything; what rotation we're in, what rotation the other team is in, player stats, life stats, the time regardless of where we are in the world, history of places (best tour guide!), etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. Ask her anything, she usually knows. This summer I decided to re-name her Beeks and luckily it stuck with the team. Stretch was my second idea due to her outrageous blocking. She's so much fun to block with and is always picking up my outside slack and closing all the seams (when she's suppose to, of course). Hitting against her, however, isn't so fun so I'll keep her on my side of the court, thanks. Normally she is an M2 but is just recently stepping into the M1 position to run some wicked slides. She is our best defensive middle on our team and could probably switch to right OR left side and still dominate that position. Internationally, Beeks has made a name for herself, especially in the German league where she has played the last 2 years. This coming fall she will head to Beizers, France and without a doubt in my mind dominate Champions League. She is one of the girls that is planning to stay for the next quad after this one, so I am already looking forward to many, many more years with this talented teammate and friend. 


  • 2006 Youth NORCECA Best Blocker
  • 2008 Junior NORCECA Best Blocker
  • 4-Time South Eastern Conference All-Academic Team, 2009 - 2012 
  • 2008 South Eastern Conference All-Freshman Award 
  • 2012 - 2013 German Bundesliga Best Blocker

Fan Fun Facts

  1. Best thing about playing for Team Canada: “I love having the opportunity to represent my country doing what I love most and be a role model for young girls who have similar goals.” 
  2. Most memorable moment(s): “My last game of university when we lost in the Sweet Sixteen at home with over 4000 Kentucky fans. The feeling of support for our state and school in that final match still gives me goose bumps. Secondly, my first summer (2012) with our Senior National team when I got to play with my sister at the Pan Am Cup tournament; it’s the only time we have ever played together.”
  3. Most inspirational person: “My parents. Their belief in me always encourages me to keep pushing. They make me believe I can be better.” 
  4. A player you most look up to: “My sister has been someone I’ve looked up to from a young age. Seeing her do everything before me is part of what drove me to want to play pro and play for the National Team. She has been a great role model for me and I continue to look up to her.” 
  5. Her brain is higher functioning than most individuals’ - She graduated with a math degree from the University of Kentucky. Genius. 
  6. One of her German teammates taught Beeks how to knit on a road trip. It probably took upwards of 10minutes for her to learn… Sparking that high-functioning brain. 
  7. She is a secret country-music lover. 
  8. Despises people touching her if she doesn't know you. She is just recently accepting hugs. 
  9. She’s a very nurturing individual. If you get sick she’s always running around asking what you need in order to make you feel a little bit better.
  10. Fun story: One upon a time in her sophomore year of college her car started shuttering.  The mechanic said something about the transmission & fluids & some other car banter but as she was driving home she noticed a smokey/steam coming out from the hood.  When she parked at home she noticed a small flame emerging from the front. The next 10 minutes consisted of Beeks running around the neighbourhood trying to find a fire extinguisher (trying to blow the flames out didn’t work). My favourite part of the story is when her neighbour (described as "a busty woman who refuses to wear a bra") hucked some baking soda at the 10 foot flames that were then engulfing a nearby tree. She unfortunately watched her car burn down and was soon saved by firemen. Thank you insurance.  
  11. She generally attracts older men. 
  12. If you steal an exit row from her on a flight and are under 6’3… prepare yourself for the wrath. 
  13. Beeks has one adorable dimple. She calls it a genetic mix-up but I beg to differ. 
  14. Her future aspirations are to open a coffee shop/bakery which I support 120%.  I think I will personally keep it afloat financially just on my own – her baking is that good. (Side note: pumpkin muffins with a maple glaze… drool.) 
  15. To the above comment: she has extreme self-control. Except when it comes to cookie dough. 
  16. If you take her seriously, that’s your own fault. She’s a very sarcastic person and it’s absolutely hilarious to be around her. Phrased nicely, she “frequently makes… observations… when nobody else voices theirs.” 
  17. Her vocabulary is outstanding. And every syllable is annunciated. And the fingers sometime come out when describing things. 
  18. Best storyteller. 
  19. Three of her four family members have made Team Canada. Papa Pavan did not but both coached Becky and Sarah until they went to university. I’ve heard a lot about these infamous “games” they used to play as infants… he was preparing them for their unreal volleyball careers at a very, very early age.  
  20. She wants a great dane and a french bulldog (they will be friends) when she is older / when we all stop globetrotting. 
  21. Any male above 6’5…correction: 6’6, who is attractive and athletic… and is believed to be the male version of her, give this chick a call. #superbabies