Marisa Field


No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they had plenty of sleep.

I've been playing with Marisa for 8 years now. I had the privilege of playing my first 2 years of UBC with her where we broke the curse and brought home the CIS National Championship banner in consecutive years. Reese is usually found slamming down wicked blocks and crushing push-50's to the T.  She has some pretty weird and random handshakes with most players on the team – definitely a way to get everyone fired up and ready to go.  Reese is one of the best blockers I know. You absolutely do not want her on the other side of the net when you are hitting on the outside, especially if the coaches happen to be taking stats that practice. Yeah… I learned the hard way. That left arm closes down out of nowhere. Here's a bit about Reese:

Team History

  • 2007-2014 Team Canada Volleyball 
  • 2013-2014: Suhl VolleyStars Thüringer (Germany), DVV Pokal Cup Final
  • 2012-2013: Istres Ouest Provence Volley (France)
  • 2011-2012: Envacom Volleys Sinsheim (Germany)
  • 2010-2011: SV Sinsheim (Germany) 
  • 2009-2010: Ciudad Las Palmas G.C. Cantur (Spain)
  • 2006-2009: University of British Columbia 
  • 2004-2006: UBCO Lakers  

Her knowledge and dedication to the sport really come out prior to the games when we're scouting our opponents. She seems to know every hitter’s tendencies no matter the position or circumstance - for every single rotation. It's hard to describe just how on top of it she really is but still to this day I've never played with anyone who is that meticulously prepped. Off the court she's a great teammate, caring about others' well being and is always the first person to offer a hug if I'm down. Last summer when I got the news about my brother being in a serious accident, Reese was over at my house and stayed by my side until I flew out later that day. Her support that day and everyday since then has been incredible and she will never know just how much that means to me. She's been a wonderful friend through my toughest moments. For those of you who have played with Reese, or have had the privilege to have seen her play, you know that she's a gamer - she always has been. She's ready to play lights out every single match and will always get the job done. During our first match vs. Peru here at Grand Prix, she came in off the bench and got 10 points in 2 sets (7 kills and 3 blocks). Marisa is a force to be reckoned with on the international stage and it doesn't matter who's on the other side of the net. Her preparation doesn't change from team to team; she's always there to play to win. She brings so much energy and passion to the court, she's definitely one of my favourite teammates to play with. I've seen her play against big teams such as Russia and USA and she fits right in. She's at that level and it's so awesome to see her play against some of the best players in the world and always show up against them. 


  • Best Blocker at NORCECA Championships 2009, 2011 Puerto Rico
  • Finished first in Bundesliga in Blocks/Set 2010-2011 
  • UBC most outstanding graduating female athlete 2009
  • CIS National Champions 2007-2008, 2008-2009
  • Canada West 1st Team Allstar, CIS National Championships Tournament 1st Team Allstar 2009
  • Ray Lepp Scholarship Award 2009, for volleyball and personal excellence 
  • BCCAA 1st Team Allstar 2005-2006
  • CCAA Academic All-Canadian 2004-2005

 Fan Fun Facts: 

  1. Favourite country to play in: "Cusco, Peru was by far the craziest arena I have ever played in! 10,000+ fans stormed the court after the game and swarmed our bus when we left!" 
  2. Do your ‘swaggy’ glasses have purpose? "I had a serious eye injury during my pro season in France a couple years ago and I now need to wear them for protection... But mostly for extra swag." (I knew it……..) 
  3. Post volleyball aspirations/dreams: "I have a degree in Chemistry and hope to never have to do anything in that field." 
  4. Referring to the above post, Marisa is a closet-nerd, if you will. That's right - UBC Chemistry degree. As well as a 4.0 GPA throughout high school. Casual. Not just a pretty face, boys.  
  5. I'm fairly certain that Reese will become a personal assistant to some famous person. She is one of the most organized people I know and likes getting sh*t done. I'm thinking event planner - personal assistant - travel agent. And she would definitely be getting things down with style. 
  6. Her current life theme song is Fancy by Iggy Azaela. This year for her birthday, Britt and I made sure her birthday cake said "so fancy"… Happy Birthday just didn't feel right. 
  7. Las Vegas is her heaven and Greece is her dream life. 
  8. She tapes her own ankles before every single practice and every single game. 
  9. She participated in jazz and ballet between the ages of 3-16. Unlike the rest of us, she skipped out on the awkward uncoordinated phase of her life. *Mike Field please message me with dance photos at your earliest convenience. 
  10. She takes between 90-150 minutes to get ready for any given event. 
  11. Her normal sleeping habits consist of 2-3 hour afternoon naps and buzzing around at night. Ideal sleeping hours would be from 3am until 12pm.  
  12. She has an immensely large collection of skinny headbands and lululemon sports bras.
  13. She brings her own 'food bag' to every single competition we have (and by bag I mean fully packed/overflowing/overweight duffel). She is constantly eating but yet remains super phys + fit.. perhaps has the highest metabolism ever? She once got in trouble on her club team in Spain because she was eating sandwiches on the bench. Always.   
  14. Reesey's always down for an adventure. Two years ago we met in Izmir, Turkey (along with our teammate Britt) for a Canadian reunion with men's national team players Gavin Schmitt and Gord Perrin. We then continued on for a little R&R at a Cesme Resort. It was the off season so we basically had this 5-star resort to ourselves.
  15. After we qualified for the Olympic Qualifiers at our latest tournament in Morelia, Mexico, we (Reese, Briit, and I) got on a last minute plane to Mexico City and then on to Acapulco. We had a five day vacation in Acapulco; basking in the sun, sipping on happy-hour drinks, and going out for some really lovely dinners. It was magical. 
  16. Pieces is now an AUNTIE! Her brother and sister-in-law had the most adorable baby girl. She is our number 1 fan and Reese loves her sooooooo much. We miss you Dilly-Bar! 
  17. She did a podcast interview for Fit Across Cultures which you can check out here

Twitter: @reesey_piecey

Instagram: pieces333