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My mom started coaching me in Volleyball when I was in about grade 3. My elementary school team was also the bulk of my highschool and club teams - we spent a few years together. Mom coached us all the way through until my grade 12 club year when I decided to go into Vancouver and play for BCO. In grade 8, I made Team BC Summer Games with a broken arm (extra padding?!) which I guess to say started up my volleyball career.  In grade 10 and 11, I played for the Junior National Team during the summers, where I experienced my first international competitions!  In my grade 12 year, I played for Team BC because our Junior National Team had missed the Jr. World Championships Qualification by 1 place the year before, and therefore didn’t have a program that summer.  After I finished with Team BC I went to train with the Team Canada A team for a few weeks.  Luckily my Junior National team setter was with me so the transition wasn't as intimidating.  Mia, a Japanese coach who was with the program for a number of years, was coaching at the time and all I remember was practicing in Lipsett Hall and sucking wind during touch-10 across 2 and a half courts. I was practicing with National Team studs such as Larissa Cundy, Annie Levesque, Emily Cordonier, and Steph Penner just to name a few. As frightening as it was for 18-year-old-me to be thrown in to practices with the A team, I learned a lot during those weeks of training and those players really demonstrated what it took and meant to be a part of Team Canada.  

In 2008 after high school, I joined the powerful UBC Thunderbirds team where we ended up winning 5 straight National CIS Championships in a row. Before we won the first National Championship, the Tbirds hadn’t won since 1978, coincidentally when my mom was on the team. That was a pretty special moment; she had brought her gold medal to the match and was in the stands when we broke the “curse” in Moncton back in 2008. After my first year at UBC, I was playing on the Senior National Team and have competed with them every summer since then. After I had graduated from UBC, in the fall of 2012 I entered the professional volleyball life; my first stint was in Potsdam, Germany in 2012-2013 and the following year (2013-2014) I played for a team in Istanbul, Turkey. This past year I started out my season in the land of espresso and pasta to take on the Italian Volleyball League with my new club team in Urbino. Unfortunately, due to some financial problems with the club, I transferred to a strong club team in Germany and finished out the year with Rote Raben in Vilsbiburg, about an hour away from Munich. The National Team cycles in quadrennials where the 3rd year is Olympic Qualifications and the last year is the Olympics. That’s my dream – it always has been. Now that I am an older, more experienced player, I understand how difficult it is to make it to the Olympics. However, the team we have right now has HUGE potential. The dream has never felt so close. 


2009-2016: Team Canada Senior National Volleyball Team

Photo Gallery:  Team Canada 2009-2013Team Canada 2013-2016

2016 – 2017: greece - panathinaikos

2015 – 2016: azerbaijan - azeryol baku

2015: Germany - Vilsbiburg Rote Raben

2014 – 2015: Italy - Urbino 


Photo Gallery:  Turkey – Yeşilyurt Spor Kulübü

2013: Germany – SC Potsdam

Photo Gallery:  Germany – SC Potsdam

2008 – 2012: Member of UBC Women’s Volleyball Team

  • 5 times CIS National Champions
  • MVP – 2009 and 2012 CIS Championships
  • Canada West & CIS Player of the Year 2012
  • Winner of the Sandy Silver Volleyball Award and Ray Lepp Award (Volleyball BC – top female athlete)
  • 1st team All-Star – 2009, 2011, 2012
  • 2nd team All Star – 2010 – missing half the CIS regular season to compete in World Championships with Team Canada
  • 3-time winner of UBC Team of the Year – 2008, 2009, 2010
  • Sport BC Team of the Year 2010
  • Academic All Canadian – 2010-11, 2011-2012
  • 2012 UBC Graduating Female Athlete of the Year
  • 2014: UBC 2009 - 2010 team inducted into the BC Sports Hall of Fame 


My tournaments:  (105 international matches with the Senior National Team)


  • Canada vs. Peru Exhibition Series - Winnipeg, Canada 
  • NORCECA 3rd Round World Championship Qualification Tournament – Caguas, Puerto Rico
  • XXV FISU World University Games – Belgrade, Serbia


  • IX Pan American Cup – Baja, Mexico
  • South American Tour – Peru & Argentina
  • Canada vs. Cuba Exhibition Series – Winnipeg, Canada
  • FIVB World Championships – Osaka, Japan


  • XVI Pan American Games – Guadalajara, Mexico
  • NORCECA Championships – Caguas, Puerto Rico
  • Canada vs. Netherlands Exhibition Series – Ontario, Canada
  • X Pan American Cup – Juarez, Mexico
  • Canada vs. Argentina Exhibition Series - Winnipeg & Brandon, Canada


  • Continental Olympic Qualification Tournament – Tijuana, Mexico
  • XI Pan American Cup – Juarez, Mexico


  • XII Pan American Cup – Iquitos, Peru
  • XXVII FISU World University Games – Kazan, Russia
  • NORCECA Continental Championships – Omaha, Nebraska


  • World Championship Qualifiers – Mississauga, Ontario
  • XIII Pan American Cup – Mexico City, Mexico
  • Grand Prix - Lima, Peru & Leuven, Belgium & Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Slovenia Exhibition Series – Slovenia
  • XVII World Championships – Trieste, Italy


  • Puerto Rico Exhibition Series – Calgary, Canada
  • NORCECA Champions Cup – Cuba
  • XIV Pan American Cup – Peru
  • World Grand Prix – Puerto Rico & Argentina 
  • Pan Am Games – Toronto, Canada 
  • NORCECA Championships – Mexico