2014 - 2015: Urbino, Italy 

Unforunately I did not finish out an entire year with my Italian club in Urbino. Due to some financial issues with the club I felt that it was my best interest to head to a more stable club and team. I finished my season in Vilsbiburg, Germany. It was super hard to leave my teammates in January, as well as the strong league and italian life. Below is a mash of post-World Championships travelling (with my parents in Bologna and Cinque Terre), Urbino-life, adventures, Zeus (my adopted stray kitten), and stollen game photos. 

Here are a few noteworthy facts about Italia: 

  1. How to eat pasta: Twirl pasta onto fork. Place the entire forkful into mouth. Do not slurp. 
  2. No tipping ever. I still do because then you make friends :) 
  3. Only order cappuccinos in the morning. 
  4. It's uncommon for women guests to pour wine. 
  5. When you've finished your dinner you lay the fork & knife across the right side of the plate. 
  6. Foods to try: antipasto, pizza, all pastas, risotto, gelato, cappuccinos, lemon sgroppino, local wine (duh!). 
  7. Italians appreciate openness and sincerity. Maintain eye contact when speaking to someone. 
  8. Friends & family kiss both cheeks, starting with the left. Women should also offer their hand first when shaking hands. 
  9. Expect Italians to arrive 15 to 30 minutes late to dinners and parties. I fit right in. 
  10. "Ciao" is used for both hello and goodbye. 

Check out my blog post about the first half of season & the first couple months of living in Italy here.